Week 03: FOA and HMT Continues (Roots List)

Tuesday: FOAs and Start Vocabulary Development

As a focus on vocabulary development, we will be working on Greek and Latin root parts.  Here is a list to use as a “key” or resource for the activity: Greek and Latin Root Parts

Here are the steps:

  1. Write the roots for the week at the top of a page.
  2. Look up and record the definition for each root using the key above.
  3. Brainstorm a list of words using the root parts (you  should aim for 20 words)
  4. Choose 6 words to define, with at least two of each root each week.
  5. “Root out” the word.
  6. Define the word using the dictionary.
  7. Write a sentence featuring a context clue for the word.

Root List #1: BIO, A-, LOG

Root List #2: FLU/FLUX, ANTI-, -OID

Then Megan presented a lesson on media bias using Latina characters in television as the focus.

After, Violet presented on a different aspect of media bias using gender as the tool to advertise cars.

HW: Work on the vocab assignment so that you can ask any questions you have on Thursday.

HW: Work on the HMT SG that I gave you in class today.  Remember the assignment is to answer the questions you NEED to, but you should work to answer all the questions so that future you, you of March 2019, can use the packet as a review for PPR 2.

HW: Make time to come and look at my book on linguistics to select your project for FOA #3.  This takes time, so don’t think you can only give it 5-10 minutes…  Most people are needing an hour or more to select. 

Thursday: FOAs

Today Pearl and Lucy presented on WW2 propaganda.  They broke down three posters; one from the USA, one from England, and one from Australia.  The take away: Propaganda is not always evil, but be aware of the intention of the sender.

After, Zoe presented on the ideological influence of image and language in Disney’s “Cinderella”. The take away: Visual storytelling is powerful on many levels.

With what remained of the class period, motif groups worked together.

HW: Be ready to dig into the motif next class.  All evidence should be located and observations should be started. 

HW: There will be a video to watch for Min and Lina’s FOA on Monday. 

All they need to do is watch these 2 videos: 

Jeffree Star: https://youtu.be/ZghSrG0_A1Y

Michelle Phan: https://youtu.be/hVSGzSo8GyQ