Week 07: Paper 2 Practice

Tuesday: How Do I Outline for Paper 2?

Today in class we started by pairing off to look at the introduction paragraphs that were the homework.  In pairs, you read the paragraph attempt and gave feedback on what was successful/done well and what could be improved on for next time.  I asked that partners also look specifically at the language criterion to evaluate where the candidate is at and offer feedback.

Then, we moved on to how to use the brainstorming/outlining time for paper 2.  I outlined my thoughts on how much time to spend (10-15 minutes + the 5 minutes “reading time”), how to write (FAST, and in symbols/code as much as possible), and then what format to use (organization style).

We looked at three models:The text-by-text approach- text-by-text blank, the comparative approach- comparative approach blank, and the criterion-by-criterion approach.

Using this prompt, in class we outlined using the criterion-by-criterion approach-  criterion-by-criterion blank:

It has been said that history “cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again.” To what extent do at least two works studied “face” history in order to ensure that its wrongs “need not be lived again”?

HW: Work on your FOA proposal that is due December 13.

HW: Finish the outline if you need to that we started in class

Thursday: More Outlining Practice

Today we will try to outline one more time with the criterion-by-criterion approach and then have a go at the comparative approach.  We will look at 2-3 more prompts and have a try at deconstructing them and then outlining in 10-15 minutes– AS YOU SHOULD DO ON THE REAL EXAMS!