Week 06: Paper 2 Preparation

Monday: What is Paper 2?

Today we are looking at Paper 2, what it is as an assessment, types of prompts you can expect, and how to approach the prompt successfully.

We started by looking at the overview:

  • Focus on a comparative analysis of two full works- on the exam they are from part 3 of the course- for our final this quarter, we are using one part 3 work and one part 4 work.
  • Focuses on universal ideas and how they may appear
  • Requires an understanding of the author’s role, context and time of production, and context of reception
  • Paper 2 is 25% of your total mark for Lang and Lit

Then we looked at the marking criteria:

  • There are 5 criteria and all are worth 5 marks
  • We broke the criteria down and I gave some insight into how the criteria are related/applied

Then we looked at the opening paragraph of a sample essay.  We broke down the intro, sentence by sentence and looked at what the candidate did to set the stage for the argument.  We will look at the body paragraphs on Wednesday.

HW: FOA proposal #2

HW: NoRedInk.com and Achieve 3000 as needed. 

Wednesday: Paper 2 – Argument Organization Options

Today, Megan presented her FOA.  She chose an interesting topic related to taboo and language- ministration and advertising.

Then, we went back to the sample essay we were looking at on Monday and examined the first body paragraph.  Looking at language, the candidate has excellent control of noun phrases– We looked at what a noun phrase is and how noun phrases can be used with prepositions to create more interesting sentence structures.

HW: Brainstorm and write a introduction paragraph for this prompt: ‘Coming of age’ is a common theme in literary works. With regards to at least two literary works, explain how the author’s own youth influenced their portrayal of this theme. 

I know this will be hard for you– but don’t do any research! Pretend you needed to answer this in exam conditions and see how you can do. Friday we will look at some advice in writing intro paragraphs and having something to work with is key.

Challenge– Mindfully work on your use of noun phrases- see where you can improve your writing and make it more specific with the addition of noun phrases.

HW: FOA proposal #2

HW: NoRedInk.com and Achieve 3000 as needed. 

Friday: Writing Introductory Paragraphs for Paper 2

Today we had a joint class with grade 11 and 12.  I think it was fun and productive- good job people.

We are looking at what makes a good intro paragraph for paper 2- and any paper in general.  We looked at some samples and discussed what candidates did well or struggled to do well.

You saw some models that you can steal some organization ideas from, and I hope you have taken notes so that you can remember these ideas.  You will need to PRACTICE doing these things before you get into an exam situation so that you have a better chance to do these things well.

HW: Rewrite the paragraph you prepared for today keeping in mind the things you learned today about structuring ideas, structuring sentences, and using language with skill. 

HW: Attend to your NoRedInk and Achieve3000 duties

HW: Work on your FOA#2 proposal that is due December 13th.