Week 04: HG with IOC, Quizzes and FOA

Tuesday: FOA, HG Quiz, and IOC Work

Pearl and Lucy presented their FOA today.  Acting as literary critics from different time periods, they reviewed a poem.  This was interesting and thoughtful.

Then we had a quiz on HG– knowledge.

After, we looked at a section of HG for the purpose of the IOC.  The sections need to be about 40 lines, and be rich enough to provide you materials for a 10 minute oral.

You worked with your table on one passage, then I gave a second for individual prep.  You had 14 minutes in class, you can prep 6 more out of class, and then you need to record your IOC and send me the audio file.  This is due November 20, but don’t put off doing the recording longer than is essential.  I would try and finish this today so that you don’t forget what you prepped today in class.

HW: Submit IOC recording by November 20 for the assigned section.

HW: WT#2 rewrites are due November 20– don’t forget.

HW: NoRedInk and Achieve3000 things

HW: Ivan quiz on Thursday– those of you who will be gone need to take the quiz before you leave. 

Thursday: IOC Work

Today we are going to postpone the FOA from Megan, due to the very small audience.  Megan will be rescheduled for the 23 of November.

Those in attendance will take the Ivan quiz (about 15 minutes, closed everything).

Next, look at the start of act 2 (Page 1/21) starting with the opening stage directions (The room at the Tesmans’…) and going to the next page ending with Judge Brack stating “Never mind; I shall not be impatient”.

INDIVIDUALLY- read this section closely, identify literary elements in the text and make observations about their effect on the passage (10 minutes or so)

INDIVIDUALLY- brainstorm an outline for an IOC, create a thesis statement, and bullet important details related for your IOC (10 minutes)

AS A GROUP- share the outlines you created based on the passage. (20 minutes)

  1. What did most people focus on?
  2. What did few people focus on?
  3. What central claim did people make in the thesis?
    • similarities?
    • differences?
  4. What literary elements are the most impactful/important to the selection?
    1. What details should be included to create a persuasive argument?
    2. What details should be secondary?

Then, INDIVIDUALLY, work with the following passage in the same manner as above (minus the group discussion)- Act 2, Page 11/21 beginning with Tesman “Tell me Eilert-…” and ending on the next page with Lovborg saying “Hedda Gabler” softly.

HW: Submit your first vocal recording IOC to MJ by November 20. This is based on the passage from Tuesday that we covered in class. 

HW: Have your WT#2 revisions finished and submit the FD on Monday, November 20.

HW: Attend to NoRedInk and Achieve3000 assignments as needed.