Week 03: HG and FOAs

Monday: FAO (Beyonce) and HG

Min and Lina presented their FOA on Beyonce’s “Formation” linking it to part 1 and cultural context.

After, table groups discussed SG for act one and two of HG.  Individuals had the chance to compare answers and clarify confusion where needed.

Following this, I put the following umbrella topic on the board with subtopics:

  • Freedom Vs. Control
    • society versus the individual
    • the conflict between ideals and action
    • the struggle for self-realization
    • women in a masculine world

I asked  each person to select a topic, up to three people, and then groups worked on brainstorming how Ibsen approaches the topic.

HW: Have SG q’s for act 3 and 4 ready for discussion Wednesday

HW: HG quiz- November 14 (multiple choice + short answer)

HW: Ivan Quiz- November 16

Wednesday: FOA and Act 3/4 and Theme Investigation Cont.

Khoi and Huy presented their FOA on the use of text messaging between Vietnamese students and American students regarding academic dishonesty and homework completion.  There were some interesting observation linked to cultural context and purpose.

Then, groups worked on SG review for act 3 and 4.

After about 20 minutes, groups moved into discussion on the topics started on Monday related to freedom and control.  You have been asked to do the following:

  • discover examples and non-examples for your topic from the text
    • character (foils, development, actions and so on)
    • literary devices used
    • how does cultural context of production relate to the evidence?
    • Distinguish between direct and inferential information related to your theme
  • analyse, synthesize, and evaluate the evidence to understand Ibsen’s message related to the topic
  • create a thesis statement focused on the message and the tools used by Ibsen

HW: Finish the work started in class and have a clear thesis statement ready for Friday. 

Friday: No FOA… WT#2 Returned, Writing Task Assigned

One of the FOA participants today is ill, so the group is rescheduled to November 20th.

WT#2 DRAFT was returned.  The class decided that November 20th will be the due date for revisions.  This will allow one week for people to make appointments for conversational feedback with me.  Please do this ASAP if you are interested in a conversation.

Next, I collected marks for the following items: HG SG, character investigation, and thesis statement.

Finally, you were given this writing task:

Looking at the thematic topic you have investigated, and the specific character you were given for the character investigation, synthesize these two outlines.  You are using the character to view the theme and explore the play in a narrow and specific way.  You should spend a total of 80 minutes on this, so you will write a intro with thesis, 2-3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.  This should be handwritten and submitted in the next class. You should carefully watch your time and not exceed 80 minutes of total work time.

Please do not refer to source materials other than the play, your character investigation, and your notes on the thematic area you and your group have focused on.

HW: Finish the writing assignment from today. 

HW: Do your noredink.com and achieve3000 work.