Week 02: Hedda Gabler- Reviews from the Time, First FOA, and Act 1

Monday: Reviews

Today we looked at a review of Hedda Gabler that was made of the original staging of the play in the country of origin.  We explored the content of the review, the tone of the review, and the traits of the text type.

HW: Read the two additional reviews of the play I provided you.  Annotate and focus on (1) what can be learned about the time period of production, (2) what is the tone of each review, and (3) what are the qualities that make a “play review” and “play review” as a text type. 

Wednesday: HG and First FOA

Today Paris and Stephanie attempted the first FOA of the class.  I congratulate them on a awesome effort.  Out of the gate, the bar is set high.  Good luck to the rest of you in this round.  Remember, you will do three more this year.

After the presentation on Disney songs and how gender expectations are reflected, as related to how culture and context impact production, we moved into Hedda Gabler Act 1.

We started by finishing our discussion on the three news paper reviews.

Then, I posed some questions about production views from 1898 and now.  When I asked if HG would be possible if Hedda were a man, this discussion stumped us for a while until the conversation developed and we agreed that HG could not happen if Hedda is a man.

HW: Next FOA group should be ready for Monday.  

HW: ACT 1 SG due Monday

HW: NoRedInk.com and Achieve3000 work– don’t fall behind.