Week 01: Finish Ivan, WT#2, FOA Dates, and Start Hedda Gabler

Tuesday: Finish Up Ivan

Reminder: You are invited to my house this Saturday for a viewing of “Hedda Gabler” and some delicious food.  Please come at 2 PM.

Today you are working to help your future self by creating a review sheet for “Ivan”.  Here is the template: Novel study sheet

You have decided to work on this as a class and then share the result as a google doc.  I randomly assigned fields for you to work on, and you can insert quotes to support your ideas as you can.  The more you do now, the easier your review will be in the future.

Here are some key quotations to consider:

• “Work was like a stick. It had two ends. When you worked for the knowing you gave them quality; when you worked for a fool you simply gave him eyewash.”
• “From the outside, everyone in the squad looked the same-their numbered black coats were identical-but within the squad there were great distinctions.”
• “Anyway, you should never be conspicuous.”
• “How can you expect a man who’s warm to understand a man who’s cold?”
• “There was short weight in every ration. The only point was how short. So every day you took a look to soothe your soul-today, maybe they haven’t snitched any.”
• “No on had served his term in this camp.”
• “Come on, paw me as hard as you like. There’s nothing but my soul in my chest.”
• “The thoughts of a prisoner-they are not free, either.”
• “Writing now was like dropping stones in some deep, bottomless pool. They drop; they sink-but there is no answer.”
• “Easy money weighs light in the hand and doesn’t give you the feeling you’ve earned it.”
• “They hung on to each other so closely that you’d think one would suffocate unless he breathed the same air as the other.”
• “Better to growl and submit. If you were stubborn the broke you.”
• “You don’t talk much in such cold.”
• “Either you all got a bit extra or you all croaked. You’re loafing, you bastard-do you think I’m willing to go hungry just because of you? Put your guts into it, slob.”
• “You’ve only to show a whip to a beaten dog.”
• “A couple of ounces ruled your life.”
• “The days rolled by in the camp-they were over before you could say ‘knife.’ But the years, they never rolled by; they never moved by a second.”
• “Yes, you live with your feet in the mud and there’s no time to be thinking about how you got in or how you’re going to get out.”
• “They were transforming him from an eager, confident naval officer with a ringing voice into an inert, though wary, zek. And only in that inertness lay the chance of surviving.”
• “Art isn’t a matter of what, but of how. “
• “A guard can’t get people to budge even in working hours, but a squad leader can tell his men to get on with the job even during the break, and they’ll do it. Because he’s the one who feeds them. And he’d never make them work for nothing.”
• “Thank God for the man who does his job and keeps his mouth shut!”
• “Pavlo lifted his spade. He hadn’t grabbed it for nothing. And Senka, for all his deafness, had understood. He came up, hands on hips. And Senka was build solid.”
• “You can push a man this way, and you can push a man that way.”
• “Everyone was elated. As elated as a rabbit when it finds it can still terrify a frog.”
• “Who’s the zek’s enemy? Another zek.”
• “That’s what everyone used to say: ‘Going home.’  We never had time to think of any other home.”
• “That bowl of soup-it was dearer than freedom, dearer than life itself, past, present, and future.”
• “He had less and less cause to remember Temgenovo and his home there. Life in camp wore him out from reveille to bedtime, with not a second for idle reflections.”
• “And now they had nothing more to say to one another-the sacred moments had come.”
• “The belly is a demon. It doesn’t remember how well you treated it yesterday; it’ll cry out for more tomorrow.”
• “So leave envy to those who always think the radish in the other fellow’s hand is bigger than yours. Shukhov knows life and never opens his belly to what doesn’t belong to him.”
• “Glory be to Thee, O Lord. Another day over. Thank You I’m not spending tonight in the cells. Here it’s still bearable.”
• “Why do you want freedom? In freedom your last grain of faith will be choked with weeds.”
• “Freedom meant one thing to him-home.”
• “There were three thousand six hundred and fifty-three days like that in his stretch. From the first clang of the rail to the last clang of the rail. Three thousand six hundred and fifty-three days. The three extra days were for leap years.”

FOA Dates for in-class presentations:

  • November 1- Paris and Stephanie
  • November 6- Lina and Min
  • November 8- Huy and Khoi
  • November 10- Zoe and Violet
  • November 14- Pearl and Lucy
  • November 16- Megan

HW: Start thinking about your WT#2– You need to brainstorm ideas for one of the “power and privilege” topics and have a choice for class on Thursday. Refer to page 42-47 of the course guide for all of the details. 

HW: NoRedInk.com work. 

HW: Read and annotate “Hedda Gabler”. 

Thursday: WT#2 Work, and Finish Ivan Review Sheet

We started class today by discussing the NaNoWriMo activity.  If you choose to use this activity for CAS, you are not eligible for the bonus points on your grade…  Make your choice wisely.

Then we looked at three examples of WT#2 outlines that received 2/2 on the marking criteria.  The big take away is that they are BRIEF, and direct to the point.

You then had 30 minutes for table talk focused on your ideas for WT#2 related to Ivan.

RD for WT#2 is due November 6, 2017.  The class decided on this.  You will get an initial mark and then have an opportunity for revision based on feedback.

We spent the last 15 minutes of class completing the shared review sheet for Ivan.

HW: WT#2 due November 6 (outline + 800-1000 word task)

HW: NoRedInk.com and Achieve3000 tasks

HW: Hedda Gabler annotations are due October 30, 2017.