Week 09: Ivan and IOC Samples

Tuesday: Ivan and Why We Care

First- here are some sample IOCs for you to listen to.  I have given a range of success in meeting the IOC criteria so that you can practice your evaluation skills:

There was a discussion about the following:

  • What is the main conflict of the novel?
  • Who is the antagonist?
  • What’s the deal with long stretches of “nothing” happening?
  • In terms of the central conflict– what’s the deal with the “nothing” that happens?
  • How does the protagonist “fight” with the antagonist?

Then, we broke into groups to look at specific language.  You are part of a group:

  • Metaphor
  • Simile
  • Sensory imagry

You need to work with your group to identify examples of each literary element for next class.

HW: Group language hunt activity

HW: NoRedINk.com activities

HW: Achieve3000…

HW: FOA proposal

HW: WT#1 Rewrite

Thursday: Hunting Groups and IOC “Exam” Subjects

Class started with group work.  I asked your groups to look for patterns that may emerge in how your specific literary device is used in the text.  To do this, you needed to revisit the context of each example, look for similarities and differences in subject, time, place, reference/referee, and so forth.  Then, you need to take those observations and start to make sense of them.

I worked with each group to provide additional guidance particular to your observations.  All groups should think about what information is being revealed in terms of values (character’s or author’s) and what that information may mean to the understanding of the context of production.

Then, I gave some pointed guidance in how to approach an IOC.  You have samples, but I gave you specific ideas of how to attack the group analysis project for the end of term exam next week.

Then, groups were assigned their poem.

HW: All the stuff from Tuesday— NoRedInk, Achieve3000, WT revision, and FOA proposal. 

HW: Work with your group to prepare for Wednesday’s IOC exam.  I strongly suggest you look at the IOC grading criteria from the course guide.