Week 08: Academic Honesty and Ivan

Monday: Academic Honesty

Today we spent time with Ms. Joanna in the library reviewing academic honesty.  You all seem to be knowledgeable…

HW: Finish your research for Ivan (reception from time of production)

HW: Finish your annotations and SG up to number 25 for Wednesday. 

HW: Attend to your NoRedInk.com and Achieve3000.com assignments! 

Wednesday: The Learning Dip

I think you need to look at this image.  Where do you think you are at in the cycle of learning new skills and knowledge?

Image result for learning dip

Now check out this picture of the learning curve and how it addresses emotional reactions:

I know that this week has been a challenging one for some of you.  I need you to have a little faith in yourself.  I also need you to have a little faith in me.  Ask yourself this: “Does MJ want to see me fail?” If you answer “yes”– you’d better run for it because nothing I say is going to make things better for you.  However, if you answer “no”, then I need you to CHILL.

Watch this video:

Now, CHILL SOME MORE and get into the growth mindset.

Let’s cover how AIS will support your academic success in the IB…

And, now let’s get back to our normal class stuff.

HW: Poetry Re-quiz Monday October 2, during Encore. 

HW: WT#1 Revisions due October 13.  Please submit before then if you finish earlier! 

HW: One page, hand written, on your most valuable possession.  This is due next class.

HW: SG for “after breakfast, before work” should be done Friday. (#26-38)