Week 06: Poetry Presentations and Start WT#1

Tuesday: Poetry Groups

Today, poetry groups will have a go at teaching a lesson.  I will be looking for your expertise on the poem, your ability to guide the class to understanding, and your ability to function as a group/division of speaking.  Good luck.

Thursday: Finish Poetry Group Presentation, Written Task #1 Assigned

What do you need to know about the Written Task #1?

From the course guide:

  • Written tasks Students produce at least four written tasks based on material studied in the course.
  • Students submit two of these tasks for external assessment. (20 marks for each task)
  • One of the tasks submitted must be a critical response to one of the prescribed questions for the HL additional study.
  • Each task must be 800–1,000 words in length; task 1 should be accompanied by a rationale of 200–300 words, while task 2 should be accompanied by a short outline.

Written tasks equal 20% of your IB mark.  This can be the difference between a 4 and a 6…  You can see page 27 and 28 for a long explanation, as well as page 30-39 for grading criteria.

We are starting with Written Task #1– it will have a RATIONALE and the TASK.

How do I write a RATIONALE? How to Write a Rationale for the IB  <—Here is a place to start… Consider this a gift!

What is my TASK for this?

Choose one of the CAD poems with at least two characters.  Write an EPISTOLARY CONVERSATION between the characters that occurs EITHER before OR after the action in the poem.  

HUH?  Write letters back and forth between the characters…  

You need to (1) have several entries totaling 800-1000 words, (2) show your understanding of the character as created by CAD, (3) make CHOICES about how the characters develop based on your understanding, (4) show that you can write from two different voices– not just you writing letters to yourself and back…, (5) show that you have some control of language and formatting conventions (it should look like a letter and have all the parts of a letter), and (6) refer to the marking criteria to give you an idea of what else is expected.

After you complete the TASK, then you write the RATIONALE.

The RATIONALE must be between 200-300 words.  If you go over, EVEN BY ONE WORD, a mark is deducted from your total.  You must refer to the specific CHOICE you made in creating the TASK, so pay attention to your thinking process.

Your typed draft of WRITTEN TASK #1 is due on September 21, 2017.  You should include, at the end of both the RATIONALE and the TASK the WORD COUNT.  You should have your IB NUMBER in the upper right HEADER.  You should NUMBER YOUR PAGES. It should be TYPED and DOUBLE-SPACED in a REASONABLE FONT– although you have some flexibility here with a creative task — Please don’t choose something that is really hard to read!

HW: Work on your WT#1.

HW: Read “Ivan”…  and checkout this study guide

HW: Do your NoRedInk.com and Achieve3000 tasks.