Week 05: HTRLLAP Re-Quiz and Poetry Work

Wednesday: Quiz Redo

Today we had the re-quiz for the HTRLLAP summer reading assignment.  I’m sure you all did fine.

I outlined some important information concerning the month of September:

  • September 14- WT#1 will be assigned
  • September 19 or 21 will be a poetry analysis quiz– This will look at your ability to identify literary devices, and SQUID lines
  • September 21 your RD of RT#1 is due (Typed and polished)-  I will evaluate it against the IB criteria and give you one chance to edit before recording the mark in the gradebook
  • September 25 we will start “One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovic” and you should have finished reading this text and have annotations to show me on this day for the ENTIRE text. (192 pages divided by 20 days is just under 10 pages a day– it’s not going to kill you!) 

HW: Do your Achieve 3000 assignments (6 by Friday)

HW: Do your NoRedInk.com assignments

HW: Work with your poetry group for Tuesday’s presentations. 

HW: Start reading/annotating “…Ivan…” and if you have time, do the same with “The Handmaid’s Tale” 

Friday: Poetry Analysis

Mr. Graham will be with you today and has hard copies of these things for you to work on.

Today you will look at two poems: “Havisham” and “Circe”.  Please complete the worksheet for each and turn it in at the beginning of the next class on Tuesday. Poetry Analysis Sheet for Havisham and Poetry Analysis Sheet for Circe 

I also gave you this gift: Poetic Devices Sheet

HW: Finish the worksheet that you got today for the two poems. 

HW: Look back on the list of tasks from Wednesday and work on that!