Week 06: CAD Poetry Continued

Tuesday: Announcements and CAD Groups

Two announcements today:

  1. Ms. Macdonell will be running ASND (A Streetcar Named Desire) review sessions for all HL students this week on Thursday and Friday during Encore time.  If you are an HL student, please go to 501J for Encore this week.
  2. FOA presentations will start in 10 days, so you need to start thinking about what your first one will be.  Presentation proposal outlines are due to Ms. Johnson September 28 (Wednesday) and the first presentations will be October 3-7.

After announcements for the good of the order, we broke into groups.

Team Johnson:

Worked on “A Crow and a Scarecrow”.  There was discussion on the text in terms of plot, literary device, and how CAD achieves the communication of theme surrounding and relating to gender roles.  In-class, thesis statements were written and then outlined with an eye to IOC success.  Minds were blown with a discussion of how sound follows meaning and plot in the poem.  Assignment: Read and annotate “Girl and Tree” and “The Duke of Fire and the Duchess of Ice” for Thursday. 

Team Macdonell:

Worked on “Warming Her Pearls” in-class.  Assignment: Three SQUIDS on Mrs. Lazarus. Assignment: Research “Circe” for contextual knowledge– what is the allusion? –what was Circe’s role? — how was Circe characterized in the original tale? 

FOR BOTH Assignment: Watch the video you can find here:


Thursday: CAD Groups

General reminders for the class: Wednesday next week (September 28, 2016) there will be a quiz covering CAD poetry to this point and plagiarism/summary, quote and paraphrase skills to avoid plagiarizing things.

Some of you seem to be struggling top get direction for you FOA.  Check these out: more-foa-jumping-off-points and ib-foa-jumping-off-points-and-items-to-inspire-ideas

Next week Friday (September 30, 2016), reading journals are due (9 entries needed for full credit)– they must be hand written!!

Team Johnson:

We worked with “Girl and Tree” and “The Duke of Fire and the Duchess of Ice” in class.  Together you practiced digging into the poem with less support from the teacher, and also SAYING the types of sentences you need for the IOC.

Assignment: Read and annotate “Anne Hathaway” for Monday.  

Assignment: Research the rules of the Shakespearean Sonnet– what rules govern the form? Rhyme scheme, line length, rhythm, number of lines? 

Team Macdonell:

You worked on “Circe” today in class.

Assignment: 3 SQUIDS for “Medusa”.

Assignment: Research who or what Medusa is in terms of literary context.