Week 04: The Stranger Cont.

Monday- Timed Write

In class, we had a timed write covering papers 2 and “The Stranger”.

Assignment: Work on your reading journal, due this Friday.

Wednesday- How to Read and Answer a Question

Today we looked over the timed writes from Monday.

Then, we looked at how to read a question and approach it for the exam.  You worked in groups to revise your essay from Monday.

Assignment: Finish revising your essay from Monday.  

Assignment: Watch “Macbeth” for the information provided in class to review it in preparation of the IOC practice starting next week. 

Friday- Applying the Rubric for Paper 2

In class today we worked on applying the Paper 2 rubric to sample work from a classmate and justifying the score.  Your task was designed to help you understand the rubric and get an idea of how 2-ish or 3-ish something can be.  I hope you looked back at the feedback you received from Monday’s timed write to help you make comparisons.

Reading journals were submitted, reviewed, and returned with a score in class today.

Everyone received a “Macbeth” study guide to aid in understanding the play as you watch/review it over the weekend.  I will not collect the “Macbeth” SG, but if you want access to the answer key you need to show me your completed SG and look at the SG answer key in my classroom.

Assignment: Then, we brainstormed topics like racism, family, men/women’s roles, emotional connections, and so on.  Your job is to select 5 topics, write two sentences like the following:

On family:  “Albert Camus in his work “The Stranger” argues that an individual does not need to be a member of a culturally ‘normal’ or ‘traditional’ family in order to lead a full and satisfying life.”

After you have two sentences like this for each of your five selected topical areas, you need to outline the major examples from the text you would use to support your claim.  You may bullet your outline if that is easier for you.