Week 02: The Stranger

Tuesday: Part 1, Chapter 1-4

Today in class we covered SG answers for chapter 1-2 in class.  Answer key for chapter 3-4 are taped to the back wall of the classroom.  Please compare your answer to these answer keys and make additions/corrections as needed to your own work.

Assignment: SG chapter 5-6, and part 2 chapter 1 for Thursday.

Thursday: Part 1, Chapter 5-6, and Part 2, Chapter 1

Today we made it through part 1 chapter 5-6 SG.  Please check your answer against the key on the back wall if you missed class today.

We also looked at this video to get an idea of what Absurdism is:

Assignment: Be ready with SGs for part 2, chapter 1-2 for Monday.

Assignment: Watch the following videos a few times, along with the one above again, and then do some thinking about how the novel relates to the ideas Camus is asserting about the nature of life.  Please keep in mind that Camus is not an existentialist– the first video is included to give you something to compare absurdism to.  

This one is just an interesting interview with the man himself– I think it is interesting to see how people moved and acted in real life if we can.

Assignment: Do some thinking and make notes about your thoughts related to the novel and the above videos. 

How do the concepts of physical suicide, philosophical suicide, and acceptance relate to “The Stranger”?

Assignment: make sure 3 reading journals are completed for this week.