Week 08: IOC, WT2, and Reflections Returned; Book Talks; WT1 Take 2 Assigned

Tuesday: Review Work, Book Talks, WT2

Today papers were turned back.  We had a few people present their book talks.  Ms. Mac finished up her last topic with her group and I worked on explaining the WT1 as a student directed task to my group.

Assignment: The WT2 that was returned (HL ONLY) must be edited based on the feedback you have received.  It must be returned to me, in PERFECT form to submit to the IBO, on December 20, 2016.

Thursday: More Book Talks, and Satire

Book Talks… Really people we need to work on getting to the point and selling the book, not just telling the class about the book.

I gave out details on the WT1 that is due January 11.  You can find them here: wt1-option-for-part-1-and-2-of-class

Then we looked at this piece of satire: https://www.mcsweeneys.net/articles/post-election-college-paper-grading-rubric

Assignment: Mull over this piece and identify what makes it satire.  Figure out what the difference between satire and irony is.