Week 05: Mock PPR2 and Part 1/2

Tuesday: Mock Paper 2

Full length paper 2 was completed by SL and HL students. WT2 draft was handed in as well.

Assignment: Reading journal.  9 entries due next week.

Assignment: Complete FOA and IOC as required. 

Thursday: Split Groups

Some individuals failed to submit a WT2 clearly drawn from part 3 of the course.  If you have failed to do that, you have until Monday to resubmit.  The work I currently have will not receive credit as it does not meet the requirements for the task.

Everyone! Reading Journals are due November 18th– Next Friday! Do your entries! 9 are needed for full marks.

Next week, M, T, R, and F ENCORE is for SND!!  Make sure you attend Ms. Mac’s lessons for this review.

Team Johnson–

Josh and Linh presented their FOA.

Then we moved on to the role playing activity.  This activity was successful and should be considered as a model activity for how to approach FOA’s in the future. All 10 participants, 6 characters and 4 observers, did a good job.  The weakness of the characters was a failure to incorporate information from the source documents clearly to prove or refute claims made during the simulation.

Team Mac–