Week 03: Mock Exam and Part 1/2

Tuesday: Mock Exam

Today you will sit a full length mock exam for paper 1.

Assignment: Reading journals due Thursday.  9 entries required for full credit. 

Assignment: IOC 1 reflection/comparison between your self scoring and MJ’s scoring is due Thursday.

Assignment: If not yet approved, get your FOA proposal approved ASAP and sign up for a presentation date in the google doc.

Assignment: Sign up for round 2 of IOC practice in the google doc ASAP.  

Thursday:  FOA X2, Beet Texts, and Ms. Mac Deconstructs a Prompt

Key to class content today, Ms. Mac deconstructs a IB prompt for you as a model.

Assignment: WT2 for all students, not just HL.  Due November 8.  Please pay attention to the information Ms. Mac covered in class today regarding text selection, the outline, and how to approach the question. 800-1000 words for the WT and a formal roman numeral outline will be submitted for evaluation.

Assignment: You were put into groups and assigned a text having to do with bees. Read, evaluate, and mine your assigned bee text for the types of information that is evident in the text type.  This is a TOK activity as well as a refresher in identifying features of a variety of text types.  You should be prepared to be the expert of your assigned text on Monday.  Be ready to teach your selection to a small group on Monday. 

Assignment: Watch the video here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B1vh8aBkw7WpcG55MXRBeDhDT3M. You will need to sign in with your AIS email account to get access to this link.