Week 01: CAD, FOA, WT1 Assigned, and Bonus SG

Tuesday: CAD Groups and FOA Prep

Some housekeeping information:

  1. Please sign-up for an FOA presentation day after your proposal is okay-ed.  I expect you will sign-up for the first available spot that is open on the calendar, not one at the end as some people are struggling to get their presentation proposal approved and will need the later dates.  Here is the link to the Doc.
  2. You need to listen to and then evaluate your first IOC against the IB criteria that is found in the course guide.  Please submit your marks to Ms. Johnson after you have completed your evaluation so that you can get your scores from her to complete the reflection piece of this task.  Here is where you can find the audio tracks.  You will need to use your AIS account to access both of these.
  3. Make sure you have a novel/non-fiction book to be reading for your reading journal.  Text for other courses does not fit the criteria for this assignment.
Team Johnson

Assignment: Prep for FOA audience participation  by doing this and also reading this.

Assignment: Read, annotate, and know well “Girl and Tree” and “Anne Hathaway”– know the rules that govern the Shakespearean sonnet form.

Team Macdonell

Assignment: Prep for FOA audience participation by doing this and also reading this.

Assignment: Well… 

Thursday: First FOAs and Nearing the end of CAD

Thanks to the girls who started the FOAs– Please look at the feedback and make revisions if needed.

Assignment: WT1– Here is what you need to do– This is due upon your return from break.

  • select one of the CAD poems with two strong characters
  • create an EPISTOLARY CONVERSATION between the two characters
    • select time setting– before or after the action of the poem?
    • select character details to be included based on your understanding of the CAD poem
    • create an exchange– back and forth– that stays true to CADs characterization of the selected characters
  • It needs to total 800-1000 words
  • You need to also write a RATIONALE of 200-300 words
    • look at the scoring rubric to see what should be in the rationale
  • Look at the WT1 scoring rubric to see what you need to include to help guide your creation.

Bonus Study Guides: Streetcar and Handmaid’s Tale

I’ve had a request for these study guides, so I’m leaving these here: student-streetcar student-handmaid