Week 04: Last Push to Exam

Monday Encore: HL Only

Activity on analyzing tone.  This was turned in at the end of the period.

Tuesday: Split Review

Ms. J’s Group

Activity on introductory paragraphs for Paper 2.  Wee looked at a functional intro and then a better intro, examined what was good, and what worked, and what we could use.

Here is the PPT we looked at today. writing-introductory-paragraphs

Assignment: In 20 minutes of class, brainstorm/outline for a new prompt, and then write the intro paragraph.  Most of you should have finished before leaving class today.

Ms. Mac’s Group

Here are some links for HMT review videos:

Thursday: Last Class

Reminders: make sure you have your outstanding work in by tomorrow for Q3 and by May 25 for Q4.

Ms. J’s Group

We worked on Paper 2 prompts.

You addressed this and turned in your intro paragraph before leaving:

A work can be critically acclaimed in one culture and be banned in another.  Discuss how the two works you have studied might lend themselves to various receptions.

Assignment: Finish your outstanding work for Q3 and Q4. 

Ms. Mac’s Group