Week 03: Last 5 Days Before the Big Tests

Monday: Split Group Review

Johnson’s Group

We worked on introductory paragraphs for paper 2.

Assignment: Brainstorm/outline your ideas on the “influence of money” prompt and then write the intro paragraph.  This should not take more than 20 minutes.

Mac’s Group

Harkness debate.

Remaining lesson time develop thesis and plan for paper 2 response.

If any extra time make sure outstanding work is done and read their texts.

Wednesday: Group Swap

Assignment for all: May 29- 9 reading journals are due.

Assignment for all: May 29- 3 minute commercial for your book is due– sell it! Use your voice! 

Assignment for all: Q3 outstanding assignments are due April 28.  After this date, you will get the mark that is in the computer– good or not 

Johnson’s Group

“The Stranger” shared quotation hunt.  Based on the chapter you were assigned in class today, add to the shared document (Thanks Kelly).  Friday we will work on the review sheet in class.

Assignment: Finish your chapter quote hunt before class starts Friday. 

Friday: Group Work

Johnson’s Group

Finish the google notes on each chapter- hunting for quotes in the 5 areas.

Then, work on the study sheet for the text.

Mac’s Group