Week 02: Paper 2 Revision Groups

Wednesday: Revision Groups

MJ- The Stranger

Today we worked on how to approach paper 2 questions while focusing on using “The Stranger” as a key source.  We started with this prompt:

In what way(s) can the term “artificial” be applied to the two works you have studied?

We worked on this to limit the idea of “artificial” and then compared our outlines to the grading criteria-  Most people would have a hard time addressing the points needed in Criterion C- so we worked on figuring out how to make sure that content is included.

Then we worked on this prompt:

In what ways do the families depicted in the two works you have studied help you to understand cultural similarities and differences?

You were asked to develop your outline, and try to get a bit faster as you did.

Assignment: Choose one of the following prompts to brainstorm and then write a thesis with a quick outline.  You should not spend more than 20 minutes doing this as that is all you should take in the exam conditions. 

To what extent can the two works you have studied be considered works of protest?

A work can be critically acclaimed in one culture and banned in another. Discuss how the two works you have studied might lend themselves to various receptions.

Ms. Mac– ADH