Week 03: GIN Event Info, TOK Essay, and EE

Tuesday: GIN Event and TOK Essay Draft Due

Today your TOK essay draft was due.  Those of you who have submitted on time will have comments returned next week on Monday.

An event has been announced at CIS for March 16-18.  You can check out information for registration here,  and you can see information and updates about the event here.

Here is a little information that was sent to the school about the event:

March is coming soon, which means the annual GIN Saigon Conference is happening once again and you are all invited! As students and teachers of the Canadian International School of Vietnam, we are all very excited to be hosting the GIN Saigon 2018 Conference during the weekend of March 16th-18th. Our theme this year is:

“Envisioning Arcadia”

As individuals who have decided to put importance on the problems caused by global issues, we all have a vision in mind of what a better world could look like. Each of us is joining this conference because we’ve acknowledged a problem that we would like to fix, and as we are doing this, we are all visualizing an ideal world that we’d like to turn into a reality.  Envisioning Arcadia is a symbol of this utopia that we, as citizens in the South East Asian community, are aiming to obtain.

GANG (Global Action Network Groups) groups will be used in this year’s conference. Participants will be divided according to the global issue in which they are interested. In addition, there will be a range of activities that include hands-on workshops, inspiring TED Talks, musical performances and a service fair for participants to look forward to.

HW: Finish your TOK essay draft if needed, and get that EE done. 

Thursday: EE

Need I say more?

Really people.  Get this done ASAP.