Week 09: TOK, EE, and CAS

Monday: TOK Paper

Today we will work in groups to outline a few of the prescribed titles for the paper.  In groups, you need to generate ideas about what AOKs you might reference.  Here are some things to keep in mind…

  • Don’t use these examples!  The IB went to the trouble of making a list of things to avoid, so be sure to pay attention! The NO GO List
  • DO generate more ideas than you think you will need so that you can use only the best ones
  • DO spend time and energy now, so that you don’t have to work so hard later

HW: Your job is to complete the outline templates that I gave you in class for next week.  I need a hard copy to review on October 10.

Wednesday: EE Day

Some of you are in EE jail and need to be a bit more focused on making progress.

I would suggest that you put yourself on a strict “diet” of NO TV, NO Social Media, and NO IM until you have this done. Many, many people will need to tighten your belts to get this done. 99% of you are behind schedule at an ALARMING amount.

Friday: CAS Day

Please focus on your CAS documentation as you are able.  If you are all up to date  work on your EE or the TOK paper outline.  Mr. Harris will be here with you today.

HW: Finish your TOK Paper outline for next class.

HW: EE work as needed.