Week 03: Start the Cycle (TOK/CAS/EE)

Monday- TOK Essay Review

Today we are officially starting our three day focus cycle and today is the first official TOK day.

We looked at an essay from 2010, evaluated its structure, looked at the types of evidence used, and then brainstormed what we can take away as tools to approach individual essays when the topics are released.

Things to keep in mind: this essay was evaluated under the previous criteria, not the 2016 criteria.  Therefore, you need to also keep in mind the current grading rubric and instructions to the students regarding AOKs and WOKs.

If you have forgotten what your AOKs and WOKs are… go review your notes and watch some YouTube videos– Ms. Leah covered all of this with you last year.

HW: Review AOKs and WOKs as needed.

HW: Be working on your EE and CAS projects/documentation. 

HW: By August 29- have a RWS that you can be married to for your TOK Presentation. 

Wednesday- CAS Day

Bring your laptop to work on your CAS documentation.  Mr. Q will be here for the first part of class, and I expect your be on your best behavior.

Mr. Q spoke to each of you and went though your CAS file to give you feedback about where he sees you are.  Please take note of the feedback he gave you and work to build your CAS profile and reflections so that you have all of the needed record keeping details.

The majority of you were able to use most of the class period to work on the needed record keeping that needs doing.

Friday- EE Day

Bring your laptop to work on your EE.  I can help you with the writing process as needed, but you need to have completed the research and have your materials/ideas in class.