Week 02: Database Use with Ms. Joanna, CAS Work with Mr. Q

Tuesday: Library with Ms. Joanna

Today Ms. Joanna reminded you what in-text citations need to look like, and then she also recapped how to access the research databases that the school provides access to.

After, she asked you all to make an appointment with her (to be completed before August 25) to discuss your EE research needs.

For the remainder of the period, you were asked to work on your CAS reflections with an eye to providing sufficient details to give evidence for the learning objectives you have claimed.  Please be aware that Mr. Q, your CAS coordinator, is ready to reject many of the reflections completed over the summer due to insufficient details and evidence.

HW: Make sure you complete you appointment with your EE supervisor.

Thursday: CAS with Mr. Q, and EE Progress Check

First, here is the CAS reflection guiding questions that Mr. Q showed you today: CASReflectionForm (1)

Second, Mr. Q talked to you about the expectations you need to meet for your CAS reflections in ManageBac.  He is your CAS supervisor now, so I hope you listened closely to his advice on how to be successful.

Please be working on getting all of your CAS reflections up to date and done by the end of Q2– December 20, 2017.  You are going to have a ton of other IAs to do in January and February, so get this done and off of your to-do list!

After Mr. Q’s information session, I spoke to each of you about your EE progress.  I think some of you need to refer to the EE Guide to make sure your topic/research question fits into the allowed categories within your chosen subject.  The guide is here.  The grading rubric and information starts on page 101.  Pages 116-376 give subject specific guidance.  Look for the pages dealing with the “overview” of your selected subject to get the general idea.  Sample research questions follow with suggested approaches to the research process.

Hint: If your research question is not CLEARLY in one of the categories for the EE within your selected subject, your mark will not be a good one.  The EE guide is something you need to read!

HW: Follow through with the tasks you have in CAS, and work on your EE progress based on the chat we had today.  I will be checking in on you again next week and MUST see evidence of progress in all of you.