Week 01: Hello and Get Going!

Wednesday: First Day of Classes

Today in class, we ran through some general information about who you are and you answered some questions on a note card.  Then we talked briefly about needed materials, access to Manage Bac, and other materials you need to have with you in class.

This document may be useful to you: Core Year 2 Course Information

HW: Go show your face to your EE advisor and make an appointment to have a serious meeting.  The meeting must take place before August 25.

HW: Have all of your EE materials in class Friday.

HW: Make sure you can log into Manage Bac before Friday. 

Friday: Academic Honesty Review and EE

Today, Ms. Joanna will review academic honesty with us.  I hate to say it, but last year there were significant issues in the IB in terms of FAILING to uphold the academic honesty expectations of the IB program.  This year, I will have VERY LITTLE tolerance for such shenanigans and you all need to to better.

HW: Today in the library lab, I asked everyone to find a Real World Situation to (1) practice gathering and writing the MLA Works Cited information, and (2) to get your brain thinking for next week– you will need to use the situation to write a knowledge question in class.