Week 07: Indian Myth, Book Talks, and Quizzes

Monday: Indian Myth

Today Dex gave his book talk.  He did a great job and was a wonderful example of just what to do.

Then we started the following Assignment: Read pages 132-140 and demonstrate your summary skills by creating a 12-15 panel comic strip of the story.  We worked on this for 30 minutes today and you will have about 30 minutes in class Wednesday.  

Please do some of this work as homework as 30 minutes is not enough to finish if you are slow at making illustrations like I am.

I understand the Plagiarism PP is problematic to access– Try this: plagiarism-ppsx

Wednesday: Book Talks and Work Time

Today there were some book talks and then people made deals!!  The summary will be due on Friday.

In class, you had time to work on your summary, to work on your reading journal, or to review for the quizzes that will happen on Friday.

Assignment: Finish the summary assignment for pages 132-140 in the literature anthology.

Assignment: Finish your reading journal to turn in Friday (9 entries)

Assignment: Study for the quizzes on Friday (plagiarism and story related quiz)

Assignment: Prepare your book talk for Friday if you have not completed it yet this quarter

Friday: Plagiarism Quiz and Story Quiz…. Reading Journals Due!