Week 04: Myth and Heroic Traits

Monday- What is a myth?

Today we looked at several myths, created ideas of what makes a myth a myth, looked for traits of a myth, and discussed a pictograph myth in class.

Assignment: Work on your reading journal, which is due this Friday.

Wednesday- New Book and…

Today our goal is to get the correct book from the book room… Then we’ll see how far we get.

Assignment: Read page 14-27, and page 32-33 from the McDougal Littell World Literature book in preparation for class on Friday.  Be a good, active reader and annotate with post-it-notes if you can.

Assignment: Have your reading journal ready to turn in on Friday.

Friday: The Epic of Gilgamesh

Today we briefly discussed some information about the time period and region that “the Epic of Gilgamesh” comes from.  You can review the PP here: mesopotamian-lit-and-gilgamesh-intro

You turned your reading journal in and it was corrected for you in class today.

Then, you had time in class to work on the following assignment: Read page 33-47, and answer question 3, 4, and 7 on page 47.