Week 01: Welcome

Monday: Get Acquainted

Assignment: Get a book to read in English before August 23.

Assignment: 3 slide introduction PP to be presented in class Friday, August 19, 2016.  You should talk for 2-3 minutes.

Wednesday: Academic Honesty and Creating Classroom Norms

Today we discussed academic honesty and plagiarism.  You can find a link to the PP here.  You will have a quiz on this information in the near future.

We also started thinking about our cultural icon topic selection.  Think about this for Friday.

Assignment: Get parent signature on plagiarism contract and return it Friday. August 19, 2016.  Be sure that you talk to your parents about the information we covered in class today so that they know what the contract states. 

Friday: Introduction Presentations and Cultural Icon Paper

Today, everyone made their introduction to the class and to me.  Thanks for that.  I have a pretty good idea of where we are at and can start planning how to move forward from here.

I asked that you turn in your plagiarism contract– if you did not have it bring it next class!

We discussed the cultural icon assignment and everyone is to select a topic.  Please meet in the high school IT lab on the third floor for class on August 23.  NOT IN 501I!!

Assignment: Figure out your topic for the cultural icon writing assignment.

Assignment: Get your book for the free reading project-  you need to complete 3 assignments by next Friday.  When you do them is up to you.  I suggest you don’t leave it for the evening before!