Week 07: Draft Revisions

Monday: Feedback

In class today, you had your draft returned to you.  There are a few issues class-wide with organization structuring, so I modeled how to use the thesis statement to focus the body paragraph topic sentences.

Your job in class today was to make sure that your thesis was clear, and then look at the topic sentence of each body paragraph to make sure they are clearly related and based on your claim.

Assignment: Finish the complete draft for Wednesday.

Wednesday: Peer Editing (Grammar and Ideas)

Today, with a hard copy of your paper, we worked on peer editing.  The first reader needs to focus on grammar, reading from the end of the paper to the start, and making corrections.  The second reader needs to focus on ideas, their relationship, and the support, and will read front to back.

Assignment: Make revisions as needed for Friday.

Friday: Peer Editing and Formatting

Today I showed you how to deal with proper MLA formatting including font, spacing, paragraphing, citation page, and in-text citations.  You then had time to make your own revisions and ask me for help where needed.

Assignment: FD is due Tuesday, and you must submit to turnitin.com for evaluation.  Please bring me a hard copy on Tuesday before the end of the day.