Week 05: Grammar and End of Year Paper

Wednesday: Focus- Modifiers and Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement

Today we corrected the activity from page 13 (quotation marks) and then we talked about modifiers/misplaces modifiers and pronoun-antecedent agreement.  Your task is to complete activities on page 15 and 17 in the packet.

Assignment: Finish what was not completed in class for HW.

Assignment: Finish your reading journal. 

Friday: End of Year Paper

Today we went over the rubric for the end of year paper: Epic Hero Paper Grade Sheet

We had a good discussion about the task you need to complete and how you can do that.  We also established the timeline for completion:

  • May 12 RD due
  • May 19 FD due

As you are not babies, you need to submit what will be 80+ percent of your paper as your RD for me on May 12.  You need to give me a hard copy to facilitate getting my written feedback.

Assignment: Finish reading journal

Assignment: Work on RD of end of year paper