Week 04: Grammar (Fragments)

Tuesday: Fragments

Today we corrected the activities from last class and then started on the following.

  • Packet 1- read page 5 and complete page 6
  • Packet 2- read “Grammar Worksheet: Sentence Fragments” and then complete the exercises on the next three pages (1-7 and 1-18).

Assignment: Complete the above work as needed for Thursday.

Thursday: Fragments and Revision of Reading Journal

In class today we looked at the corrections for the work Tuesday, talked about how to ensure you have a complete sentence, and then worked to apply the knowledge to our own writing by looking at th reading journal for errors.

Assignment: Find 5 fragments, and 5 S/V agreement errors in your reading journal.  Copy the error to a new paper, and then revise below to show the corrections.

Assignment: Complete the sentence fragment problems in packet 2 for Wednesday.

Assignment: Reading journals are due (for the last time this year!) on May 7th.  9 entries are required.