Week 03: The Middle Ages and Grammar

Monday: Roland and Perceval

Today we reviewed “The Song of Roland”.  I think you have a pretty good idea of this story.  Try to keep in mind the things you have learned about this time period from history class as we move forward.

Then we started reading “Perceval” (Page 708-721).  You are looking at the story in terms of “episodes” and looking for the traits of a chivalric knight: Courage, Loyalty, Honor, and Protection of the Weak.  Please take notes.

Assignment: Be thinking of how you are going to limit/define “alive and well” in regard to the epic hero and the end of year paper.  Spend 20 minutes noticing the world around you (looking for epic heroes), and take some notes.  

Wednesday: Finish Perceval

Use class time today to finish reading “Perceval”.  When you are done, you should create notes regarding the instances in the story where courage, loyalty, honor, and protection of the weak are evident.  Then, outline the heroic characteristics of Perceval in terms of the 9 traits we have been studying all year.

Assignment: Finish what you did not get done in class today. 

Friday: Finish Perceval and Grammar

First off- up to 2% can be added to your score for going to Saigon Players’ play “Miss Julie” tonight or tomorrow.  You will need to write a review of your experience and turn in your ticket stub.  The review should be 1.5-2 pages typed, double spaced.

Then we discussed “Perceval” a bit and decided that, as a hero, Perceval is a bit boring compared to others we have looked at this year.

After that discussion, we moved on to some direct grammar instruction.  I have selected these activities based on the mistakes that are common in our class.  I want you to try and improve in these areas and apply these skills to the writing of the final paper, so we will focus on this for a few days.

Assignment: Packet 1- pg 1-4, packet 2- pg 1-6 (Subject/Verb agreement sheets)