Week 01: Project Management Completed and Movie Project

Monday: Group 4s

E Block- Today we went to China with Jack K., Khai, and Long G.

In class we looked at the background information regarding dynasties, the social structure, Confucius and Li Po.  We watched a short video that outlined the 4 major aspects of Confucian thought and philosophy.  Jack then outlined the differences between a maxim, a anecdote, and a parable.

We looked at Confucian ideas, and then examined some selections from Li Po.  In class, you tried your hand at writing an “analect” in the style of Confucius (not easy!).

Then we switched gears to memorize a short Li Po poem and experience what Chinese education might be like.

Assignment: Research and find the first university in Vietnam that follows Confucian teaching ideals.

G Block- Going to Africa with Ann and Jerry

In class today we learned about the background information and then looked at a creation myth (Drop of Milk). There was discussion revolving around how this myth is similar or different from traditional Vietnamese creation ideas (dragon and fairy). More modern ideas (Buddhist and Christian) were also considered and compared to “Drop of Milk”.  Groups made small posters focused on the relationship structures of the concepts in the myth.

There were some surprisingly deep (TOK) questions regarding how a god/supreme being can be prevented from being prideful… even if he has something to be proud about! We had no answers, just more questions.

Then we looked at “The First Bard” legend. Your job was to identify values that are evident in the legend and support your claim with evidence.

Assignment: Read from “Sundiata: An Epic of Old Maly”.

Assignment: Write 1/2 of an A4 page on what Fulani and Soninke cultures value as “good”.  You should make comparisons.

Wednesday: Finish Group 4!

E Block– Finish China

Assignment: Answer the following questions: 

  • How is Chinese poetry different from or similar to th poems in your culture?
  • Do any of these poems include aspects of the Epic Hero?
  • Do you have a lesson or moral that stands out to you from these poems?
  • What can you observe about Chinese society by examining these poems?
  • Can you make up a clean and legal joke about the old philosophers covered in this section?
G Block– Finish Africa

There were lots of activities in class today, and some games that caused a ruckus!

Assignment: Using the t-chart from Beo./Gilga. and the additional column from the activity in class today, write a paragraph about which traits SUNDIATA has that are superior to the other two heroes.  You should include at least two traits where Sundiata could be considered superior and explain your view.  Please give this to Jerry and Ann Friday for grading.

Friday: Movie Jigsaw and Set Up Q4 Project

Please make sure  you have your individual movie viewing assignment completed for the activities in class today!