Week 08: Presentations Continue

Monday: Group 2 Finished

Block E–

Today the Africa Group finished by looking at the end of “Sundiata” and examining the praise songs.

There was a read aloud for the end of the myth, then group reading on the praise songs with some questions after.

Assignment: Write one paragraph contrasting the hero in “Sundiata” with either Beowulf or Gilgamesh based on the traits of the epic hero.

Block G–

Today the China group finished by examining two poets: Li Po and Tu Fu.  Pairs read the poems on pages 454-466, and then wrote questions on each.  The questions were swapped with another group and you then answered those questions.

Assignment: Read pages 498-510 in preparation for class on Wednesday. 

Wednesday: Group 3 Starts

Block E–

Today we went to the middle east with Long L. and Becky.

Assignment: Make a t-chart regarding Sinbad and one more hero we have studied (Gilgamesh or Beowulf).

Assignment: Read poems on page 602; Read tale 1 on page 607; Read tale 3 on page 609– for Thursday March 23.

Block G–

Today we went to Japan with Hannah and Bill.

Assignment: Write one paragraph on what culture you would rather be a part of (Zen in Japan or Confucius in China).  You should create a reasonable argument for your choice.  Please email this to Hannah.

Assignment: Finish reading the “Pillow Book” from the text.  You should take notes on your ideas about the author’s personality.

Friday: MJ Gone, Epic Hero Work

Today you have a sub who will take you through the pre-work for the movie viewing activity and then you start the movie “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.

Assignment: Using page 2 of the handout, watch your assigned movie over the weekend as an independent study. Please bring your notes to class Tuesday for the activity that day. Here is the link to a Google Drive Folder with many of your movies in it.

Independent study movie list:

  • Block E–
    • Cedric- Lord of the Rings 1
    • Orion- The Matrix
    • Randy- Robin Hood (1991)
    • Mike- Indiana Jones 1
    • Jack K.- Rambo 1
    • Jack D.- The Wizard of Oz (1939)
    • Esther- Mulan
    • Becky- Midnight Cowboy
    • Long L.- Stage Coach
    • Khai- Romancing the Stone
    • Long G.- Finding Forrester
    • Zach- Three Musketeers
    • Thong- Shane
  • Block G—
    • Ann- Dances with Wolves
    • Wendy—Dirty Harry
    • Hannah- Jaws
    • Cathy- The Terminator
    • Jerry- Mad Max 1
    • Bill- Never Ending Story
    • Dex- E.T. The Extraterrestrial
    • Cindy- Spiderman