Week 01: Beowulf Review

Wednesday: Welcome Back and Text Review

Welcome back to classes everyone! I missed you and am glad to see your faces again.

Today in class we took a few minutes to share highlights of the break.  The majority of the highlights for the class included lots of sleep, hanging out at home, and reading almost nothing.

Then, we used the remainder of class time to review sections 1-20 of Beowulf.  We will have a quiz over the text on Monday, January 16th.  You should prepare by finishing the reading, completing as much of the study guide as you can, reviewing the section titles to help you remember the order of events, and remembering character names and deeds.

I introduced a new literary device today: KEENING.  Here is a link to more than you ever wanted to know about keening. The document starts with a good summary, and then has a useful list of examples you can explore.

Assignment: Prepare for the quiz.

Assignment: 3 reading journals for the week– get a book that you are REALLY interested in reading to make this more enjoyable please.  I’m a little worried about how little you have read over the vacation.  First journal check is February 9 or 10, 2017.