Week 08: Beowulf and Exam Prep

Tuesday: SQUID Practice

Today, after the book talks, you had two goals assigned to you

  1. Finish reading and paraphrasing the text “Beowulf” to the end of section 10.
  2. Select 6 quotations and do a SQUID on them.

Assignment: Make sure you have achieved the above goals for class Thursday.

Assignment: Present your book talk Thursday if you have not done so yet.

Thursday: Finish Book Talks, Review SQUIDs

Book talks took a little time today, so we did not work on the SQUIDS as a class.  Time in class after the book talks was used to go over squids with a friend to see if any help could be given to make it better.

Assignment: Work on the Beowulf study guide.  Please complete questions 1-20.

Assignment: Make sure SQUIDS are done (6) for Monday.