Week 07: Beowulf

Wednesday: Section I-IV

Readings today covered a recap from section 1 and 2 from last week, and I read section 3 to the class.

In pairs or threes, people worked on reading/summarizing/understanding section 4: Beowulf goes to Hrothgar’s Assistance.

I also give some information about the semester final:

  • December 13th at 9AM
  • a 2 hour exam
  • will focus on reading comprehension skills
    • non-fiction and fiction passages
    • multiple choice
  • will include “SQUIDS” short answers from Beowulf sections

Assignment: Watch this video

Assignment: Checkout this web page for about 20 minutes. http://www.abdn.ac.uk/sll/disciplines/english/beowulf/linkmat.htm

Assignment: Finish and present your book talk by December 2.

Friday: More Beowulf

The goal in class today is to be through section 10 in our text.  You can use No Fear Beowulf for some support, but know that the sections are numbered differently.  We don’t have a PROLOGUE section label so you will need to make sure you are looking at the correct section. (Our section 5 is No Fear’s section 4).

Assignment: Watch this video