Week 05: Oedipus Papers

Tuesday: Develop Theme into Outline and Thesis

Today we shared the theme statements which were assigned last class.  There are some good ideas happening here that have the potential to make great essays.

Then, we discussed how to go from the thematic statement, to a brainstorm, to the outline and then to the thesis statement.  You had time to work on this and develop your ideas.

Assignment: Finish the outline and thesis statement.  Have it ready to go on Thursday.

Assignment: Reading journal.  9 entries due next week.

Thursday: Writing 

Today was a work day.  Please come to class Monday with a completed draft to work on in class.  I recommend you bring a hard copy of the paper and your laptop as well.

Assignment: Complete the draft of the essay.

Assignment: Reading journals are due November 18.  9 entries are required for full credit.