Week 04: Oedipus Rex Activity

Monday: Finish Reading Oedipus Rex

Today in class we worked in our groups to finish reading the play.  You may have a smidgen to finish out side of class.

Wednesday: Close Reading

Ms. Johnson modeled how to do close reading focused on examining the language of a passage.  The section she modeled is on page 313.

Based on the modeling, the class completed reading the section of the chorus that is on page 313-314.

Assignment: Complete 3 “SQUIDS” based on the example Ms. Johnson gave of the line “blazing into oblivion”.  Remember, you should choose between 3-6 words and really focus on the language, the literary devices working within the language, and the effect the language has in terms of it’s significance to the entire passage/play.  You should do this assignment on A4 paper so that you can turn it in on Friday.