Week 03: Oedipus Rex

Tuesday: Reading the Text

Today, we worked on reading the first section of the play.  Block E has finished the first section, and Block G is nearly there.

Assignment: Reading journals are due Thursday.  9 entries for full credit.

Thursday: Reading the Text

Today we will work on reading the second section of the play.

You read in small groups with these things in mind:

  1. Work on the following skills-
    1. Praphrasing the text
    2. Making connections
      1. text-to-text
      2. text-to-life
      3. text-to-self
    3. Answer the embedded questions as you read to check for understanding
  2. Focus on characterization-
    1. How are the main characters portrayed in this section?
      1. Look for evidence: what they say about themselves; what others day about them; what their actions show; and what the chorus reveals
  3. Think about these questions for the future-
    1. How does Oedipus start to “fall from grace”?
    2. How are events leading up to/contributing to Oedipus’s understanding of the situation?

Assignment: Complete the reading of the second section of the play at home based on what was covered in class today.  Pages 285-300.  You should be ready to start page 301 on Monday.