Week 02: Greeks

Tuesday: Some Greek Stuff

Block E–

Today we looked at the background of Greek drama a bit.  I also filled in some information that should help you understand the play when we start it on Thursday.

You will have a quiz Thursday over the two videos we looked at today.


You should make sure you have your notes with you on Thursday.

Block G–

Today you gave presentations on the “Iliad” sections you were assigned and we discussed the plot, characters, and overall concepts as a class.

Both Groups–

Make sure you have watched the Digital Theatre Plus version of “Antigone” that I assigned you to view over the vacation.  Come see me if you need the log-in information again.


Block E–


Then start reading the play, “Oedipus Rex”, as a class.

Block G–

“Oedipus Rex” background information and starting the play.

Both Groups Assignment: Work on your reading journal.  Journals are due October 28 with 9 entries.