Week 09: Big Idea Paper

Monday: Vocabulary Quiz

Today I was gone and Mr. Burke facilitated your vocabulary quiz.

Please make sure your work is completed for Wednesday in class.

Wednesday: Reading Passages and Group Divisions

Today we reviewed the before reading activity on page 160, and then evaluated the during reading note taking you have done.  These readings deal heavily with argument construction and you should be paying attention to these things.

Then, I broke you into your groups for the next writing assignment.  Groups then brainstormed what sorts of sources would be useful to support ideas group members want to focus on.  As a group- you should know what to research/where to research/how to research th topic you have been assigned and bring two articles (PRINTED OUT) with you to class on Friday to share with your team.

Assignment: Find and print two articles for your group. Bring them to class Friday.

Friday: Book Talks Pop Quiz, and Group Work Time

After the book talks and a bit of reading time today, we had a pop quiz on reading comprehension.  It was just five points, so don’t stress too much.

Then groups worked together to summarize the text they brought to contribute to the group.  There was then time for discussion about what is still needed (logical, empirical, or anecdotal evidence) to make sure that all evidence types are addressed.

Assignment: Find more articles based on your group’s discussion and needs. Bring the hard copies on Tuesday.

Assignment: Write the works cited entry for the two articles you contributed to the group today using the template provided to you in class.