Week 07: Book Talks and Papers!

Tuesday: Book Talks, Reading, and Gearing Up for a Group Project

Today, four people presented their book talks for the quarter.  Things are looking good in this area, so keep up the good work!

Then, we took 20 minutes to work on our independent reading projects– reading or working on journal entries were the tasks at hand.

Following this, Ms. J put the class into teams of 4 to prepare for the next project: writing a paper using formal academic voice.  We took time to look at page 47 from the packet and unpack the project.  Within your teams, each table group worked on summarizing what you need to know and do to complete this project successfully.  The team elected a captain to hold the work.

Assignment: Finish 9 entries in your reading Journal– due Thursday

Assignment: Finish editing your vignette– due Thursday

Assignment: Prepare your book talk (if you haven’t already)– due Thursday

Assignment: Review the plagiarism PP plagiarism-ppsx for a short quiz on Thursday (20 minutes) 

Thursday: Quiz, Submit Vignette, and Book Talks

Today we started with the quiz covering plagiarism, then we moved on to the book talks.  Everyone presented in class today (WHOOT!), but I gave a warning to the class that better planning is needed in quarter 2.  The last day of the quarter will not be available for book talks…. Plan ahead and get things done before the last minute!

Assignment: Make sure you have a new book for next week.

Assignment: Review “Two Kinds” (pg 18-25) and study for a quiz on Monday.  This will be a closed book quiz…  and it will be computer based.