Week 04: Grammar and Cultural Identity

Tuesday– Grammar Lesson

Today we looked at pages 15 and 16 in the book.  There was need for a specific grammar lesson on phrases, how to identify a phrase, and a review on the simple parts of a sentence.

Assignment: Finished Phrase worksheet in class.

Assignment: Finish “Clauses” worksheet.

Assignment: Finish work on page 14-16 in the workbook.

Assignment: Finish your reading journal, due Thursday with 9 entries. 

Thursday– Investigating culture further

Today we reviewed the work from page 15-17 in class and turned in the work sheet from Tuesday.

Then, we worked on some additional practice in class called RAFT and SOAPSTone.  Please finish this if you did not turn it in during class today.

I collected your reading journals to grade.

Assignment: Read “Two Kinds” chunk 1-4 (Page 18-22) for Tuesday.  Please summarize the story in the margin as you read.