Week 03: Cultural Identity

Tuesday: Sub and Pages 8-10

Today you will work with Mr. Harris to complete the activities on pages 8-10.  He will guide you through things.

Make sure you annotate the text as you read!

Assignment: Do your reading journal!! 

Thursday: Sub and…

I’m not sure what you got done exactly, so here is everything you should have finished for Tuesday morning:

Assignment: Read and annotate “Ethnic Hash” on page 11-12.

Assignment: Answer questions 8-11 on page 13.

Assignment: Answer the writing prompt on Page 13 on a separate sheet of paper. It should be 2-3 paragraphs.

Assignment: Do the self-annotation as directed in “check your understanding” on page 13.

Assignment: Complete the work on page 15-16 in the book– you have two worksheets that go with this: “Clauses” and “Verbal Phrases”.

Assignment: Don’t forget your reading journal for the week.