Week 02: Writing Vignettes

Monday: Finish Intro Speeches and Start Vignettes

Today we finished the last 5 introduction speeches.

Then, everyone reported which book they have selected to read.

Next, we started on the vignette project.  I gave an example about smashing cockroaches on the street in Bangkok over the summer.

what_s_a_vignette (1)  Here is the outline and project.  We had 40 minutes in class to brainstorm, outline, and start writing the first draft.

Assignment: Write your RD for Wednesday.  No more than 500 words.  

Wednesday: Peer Editing

Today we spent the day peer editing our work with our shoulder partner and our face partner.

Assignment: Finish editing the vignette assignment and submit it to the google classroom. Access code: ag8kza

Assignment: Make sure you are finishing 3 reading journal entries for this week.

Friday: Investigation into Cultural Identity

First, everyone was asked to make sure they had submitted their vignette to Ms. Johnson.

Then, we started an investigation into cultural identity with the help of our workbooks.  We worked thought the first several pages and activities.

Assignment: Complete pages 6 and 7 in the “Cultural Conversations” work book for Tuesday.

Assignment: Make sure you have completed 3 reading journals for the week.