Week 07: BNW 9-12, Close Reading

Tuesday: Quiz, Characterization, and Close Reading

Class started today with a 20 question quiz over chapters 9-12.  This took about 13 minutes.

Then we looked at characterization at our table groups.  You were given a list of adjectives that can describe the characters in chapter 9-11 and you were asked to decide which character was the best fit for each.  Then you needed to give the reasoning based on the 4 types of characterization.  You need to finish this for HW.

Then we looked at “The Big Five” in literary analysis.  We are focusing on this format for understanding and analyzing an extract together. I also gave you a sheet of “20ish Literary Terms” that you should know and be able to apply to a text.

Assignment: Finish characterization work sheet

Assignment: Look up and understand how to recognize any of the terms from the “20ish” sheet that I gave in class.

Thursday: Close Reading Activity

In class today you got the SG for the remainder of the book. You should work on these for next week– Quiz over the remainder of the book on Friday, May 26.

Then, we continued the close reading activity.  This takes a bit of work and we used the “Big 5” sheet to guide our investigation into the passage. At the end of the period, each person should have been able to create a thesis statement related to how the author uses a specific literary device to create an effect.

Assignment: Read, annotate, and complete the SG for chapter 13-15 for Monday.