Week 04: BNW 2-8

Monday: Group Work on Tasks for Chapter 1-4

In class today, your table groups worked on finishing the 5 tasks for chapters 1-4.

Assignment: Be ready to turn the 5 tasks in THE SECOND YOU ARRIVE into class on Wednesday.

Assignment: Read chapters 5-8 once or listen to the audio book once (get an idea of the story) for class Wednesday.

Quiz over chapter 1-8 is coming next week!

Wednesday: Chapters 5-8

In class today, we worked on understanding author’s style and completed an activity with our table mates regarding Huxley’s use of parallel structures.

You also turned in the activities from Monday that you finished up.

Assignment: Complete the sheet titled “Chapters 1-6: Setting” for Friday.

Assignment: Work on SG for chapters 5-8.

Assignment: Quiz over chapter 1-8 on Thursday, May 6.

Assignment: 9 reading journals (last of the year) due May 7th.

Friday: Chapter 5-8