Week 03: BNW and Big Issue Paper (Revision)

Tuesday: Using TII, and SG for BNW

Today we looked at how to use TurnItIn.com as a tool to make your paper better in terms of citations.  Lina graciously allowed us to look at her submitted draft and we looked at how the site identifies sections of text that are found in other places online.

I spoke about how 1% or more in the “match” doesn’t really matter, as even a small match that is not cited properly is in violation of the academic honesty code here at AIS.  Please be using this report to make adjustments to how you have quoted sections.

  • Paraphrase needs to be clearly YOUR WORDS, and also needs to be CITED.
  • Quotations need to be in QUOTATION MARKS, and also need to be CITED.
  • Summary needs to be in YOUR WORDS, and needs to be CITED (you may have two or more sources cited if you found the information basically the same in multiple sources).

Then we spent 15 minutes peer editing the draft you brought today for content and ideas.  Your friend should be reading your draft focused on if the argument you have constructed makes sense and is logical.

Moving on, I gave you a study guide for chapter 1 of BNW, and an activity sheet focused on the caste system in the book.

Assignment: Edit and bring a clean copy of your paper to class Monday, April 24-  Ms. Johnson will edit this version for grammar.

Assignment: Finish reading and annotating chapters 2-4 of BNW.

Assignment: Complete the chapter 1 SG and the activity sheet from class today.

Thursday: BNW Chapters 2-4

Today in class we looked at the SG for chapter 1 and discussed the questions first at table groups, then as a class we addressed the ones that needed more attention or were a bit trickier for us.

Then, your table groups were given 5 tasks related to chapters 1-4 of the book.  Your job is to rank the tasks from hardest (for you) to easiest– and then start with the hardest ones and work to the easy ones.

You had 30 minutes in class today, and we will continue this in class on Monday.

Assignment: Make a plan with your table group to ensure that all five tasks are finished by the end of class Monday.

Assignment: Complete SG for chapter 2-4 for Monday.

Assignment: Finish your paper’s revisions and bring a clean draft to class Monday to give me.  I will do one reading of it for you before final drafts are due.